Friday Faves: iPhone Apps
I’ve been trying to do a bit of a tech clean-out with the rest of my January decluttering. Amid my electronic organization, I picked out five of my favorite iPhone apps to share with you this week. Most of these are a tad resolution-minded and all are apps I use on a regular basis. They improve my day and make life easier – check ’em out!

    I have tried a few different habit tracking apps and so far this one is my favorite. It’s based on the “don’t break the chain” philosophy Jerry Seinfeld uses for productivity. This concept is so simple: the more days in a row you complete a task, the longer your chain gets. You then get motivated by your momentum not to “break the chain.” I do have a few things I’d change about the app, but over all it works quite well for me. So far I’m at 12 days of no alcohol, 5 days of exercise goals and…. zero days of waking up on time. Win some, lose some? Get it here.


    KickMap offers AMAZING interactive mass transit maps for a growing list of cities. Full disclosure: I have only tried NYC. I tried a few different subway maps when I first moved here. KickMap is the only one I could stand using while learning an entirely new transit system. You can zoom in all over the map and smoothly explore the intricate maze of trains. Love it. It’s also available for London, DC, and Chicago, with San Francisco, Toyko, and Paris coming soon. I think it costs $2.99? Money well spent. Get it here.


    Overcast is my go-to podcast app. If you are still using the native iPhone podcast app, please do yourself a favor and upgrade! (I thought it was bad when I used it, but apparently, it’s getting worse…) I waited so long to switch because I didn’t want to deal with re-subscribing to all my faves, but it was so worth it. Every single thing about Overcast is better. Using it makes listening to podcasts so much more enjoyable. Get it here.


    Okay, so the scale doesn’t always make me happy… but this app really does. It’s simple. As you might assume, Happy Scale is used to track your weight. You can update your log as often as once per day and the app averages out the data to show you a moving average. Whether you are trying to lose, gain, or maintain weight, this helps keep you focused on true progress (or steadiness). Without a moving average, it is easy to let natural day-to-day fluctuations kill your motivation and your mood. It has done wonders to my relationship with my scale. You can also map out projected progress based on average weight change. You know I love quantifying progress, so this just adds to the motivation! Get it here.

    If you’re not already using Goodreads (and you enjoy reading) then you should check it out. The semi-social site allows you to track the books you read, want to read, and have read. As you finish books, you have the opportunity to rate and review them. Your ratings then generate personalized suggestions for books you may enjoy. Sweet, right? Well, they have an iPhone app which I’ve found to be really handy. They have a built-in barcode scanning feature which lets you easily add books to your want-to-read shelf. It’s the perfect fix when you’re out shopping and you really don’t need a new book right now, but you also don’t want to forget about the book you just found. Get it here.  (Also friend me to follow along with my 2018 reading list!)

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