Choosing New over Known: Date night at Bono Trattoria
I think we all have a list of “someday” restaurants, don’t we? You know, the ones you pass by and look at with some mild curiosity. Then you suggest that, at some other mysterious time in the future, you should probably try it. But that time should obviously not be right now. Right now? Instead, you ponder a few more options. You’ve perfected this routine to the point that even you believe these new restaurants stand a chance. But, no. Those aren’t for right now, either. Instead, you head straight down the block to your favorite spot so you can order that burger you love. With nothing new to upset the balance of your night, you’re guaranteed success right?
Cory and I had a list of we-should-try-that-soon restaurants in DC. This list held many of the Michelin-starred hot spots, an entire selection of pho restaurants, and a few friend-approved dives in boarding neighborhoods. First on the list was a well-loved Filipino restaurant only blocks from our apartment. It would have been so easy to go! Be avoided that one for so long that it seemed worthy only of a truly special occasion. Rather than try any of these new spots, we (okay, I*) would insist on going back to one of our faves. We had a rotation of well-tested spots and we would keep rotating through these until, many rotations later, we moved to NYC. Out with one maybe-someday list, and in with another?
Bar at Bono Trattoria

Well, we are at least trying to reform our ways. At first, it was easy in a new city, but a few months later we have already settled into some familiar routines. One of the first restaurants on our someday(-in-NYC!) list was Bono Trattoria, a cute Italian place right down the street from our apartment. It looks inviting and well frequented, but never so much that there would be a long wait. The menu is well curated and reasonably priced. But unfortunately for Bono, it happens to also be just a couple blocks from our favorite bar… it was doomed!

Date night at Bono

After passing it over a few times, we called ourselves out. “We always do this – let’s just GO!” Call us reformed. The last bit of convincing we needed was arctic January temps. We figured pasta was the only thing that could warm us up at that point. I tried the linguini del sud – spicy sausage, linguini and shrimp in tomato sauce – and was instantly sold. Why had we waited so long?! Cory was just as happy with his dish and our dinner at Bono turned out to be an A+ little date night. In the end, trying something new together is what makes dating so much fun… when you can convince yourself to do it.

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